How To Prepare For Removals

July 13, 2023 by Superb MovesUncategorized

We are dedicated to make your moving experience a very simple and easy one.
Our professionals are experienced and always follow a procedure to make the moving time as short as possible. This is what makes us the best London removals company.

We always start from the kitchen and work our way out. We make sure all your fragile items like glass, expensive china, electronic equipment, sharp tools and vases are handled with the upmost care. Special wrapping paper and bubble wrap is used to ensure safety while transporting your goods. Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about your food in your fridge and freezer. We pack your food content into boxes and load them carefully into our specialized moving vans.

After that, we move to your living room, we start by taking all your most fragile items like your pictures, mirrors, TV and other electric equipment and wrapping them in protective paper and bubble wrap. For sofas, we always use our professional covers that we provide (at no extra cost) which protect against scratches and are waterproof to keep everything protected even in bad weather. Arm chairs, coffee tables, and TV stands are also protected by these protective covers.

If you’re concerned that some of your items are too big to get through the doorway, not to worry. Our Superb Moves professionals are very well equipped with the latest tools and knowledge so that they can disassemble your large furniture and even take off your door if necessary and reassemble everything afterwards. Situations have happened in the past and large pieces of furniture were even taken out and taken in through the window, and we will do the same for you if it must be done.

It’s now time to prepare your bedrooms. We start by packing all the fragile items and clothes. For clothes that need to stay on hangers, we use specialized wardrobe boxes to keep them straight. If your wardrobe is too big to move out, we can easily dissemble it and reassemble it later on. For your mattresses we also use our protective covers to keep them safe. If you need your bed overnight, it won’t be a problem, we’ll come in and pack it the day you move out.

We always pack your “must have at all time” items together to avoid anything taking a long time to find such as home keys, car keys, important documents and medicine.

All the boxes are labeled so we know what is what and what goes where when it is time to unpack as well as boxes containing fragile or very fragile items will also be labeled to ensure that all your belongings will be safe and out of harm’s way during the moving and unpacking process.
Superb Moves is the only way to move, stress free and hassle free, leave it all to us – the best London removals company!