Let us take care of your precious furniture

July 13, 2023 by Superb MovesUncategorized

When changing home you would like to move all of your furniture as safe as possible. Allow me to explain a few important aspects of such situation.It is a myth that a few cardboard boxes and a blanket will protect all of your belongings. To avoid your wood furniture get gouged or glass to break the most important tip is to have the best packing materials possible. We can assure you we use all of them to protect even most fragile pieces of furniture.
  • Mattress covers
  • Plastic stretch wrap
  • Bubble wrap
  • Cardboard sheets
  • Plastic bags
Having above-mentioned materials and a professional team of movers you can be sure all of the items will be moved damage free and with proper precautions.To be sure that your precious furniture will not have any scratch you should take time to clean and dust it before the process of packing even begins. As you can imagine all the dust and small debris can cause damage to the surface of the furniture and other items. You would also prefer not to bring any unnecessary dirt and grime to your new home.Our professional team is happy to disassemble your furniture and then assemble it at a new place. It will take additional time but of course you can try to do it yourself, if you have some patience and an extra hour to spend. At first you should find any manuals you might safe when buying furniture as you may find it very helpful. Assembling wardrobes and shelves can be more confusing than you think.You should dismantle every small piece of furniture if possible. Also remember about trying to unscrew legs from tables and sofas. Removing cushions and bed frames will help during moving process a lot. It will be easier for a moving team to carry a sofa or a bed without legs especially in tight and narrow rooms and corridors. It will also help to protect against damage caused by brushing up against walls and doors. Separate items are easier to be packed on the van.You should keep any screws and small pieces in sealable plastic bags. Remember to label them, otherwise you will not know which belong where and you will be lost and panicked. They all might look the same after all.
  • Use manuals if possible
  • Remove legs and cushions
  • Use plastic bags for screws
  • Be careful using drill to unscrew
  • Bare in mind disassembling furniture is time consuming
As you can see, taking care of your precious furniture is not a simple task. While moving our team will be prepared for packing, disassembling and assembling with extra care. Sometimes we will deal with antiques, and we must make sure that they will be safe during bumpy ride in the moving truck from one home to another. First thing is to make sure that you or moving company has a full inventory of the valuable items and their current condition. Some of them might be irreplaceable and priceless, so you should take extra time before planned moving day to even take some pictures and make a proper catalogue. You can also use a video camera to do an inventory of the contents of each room.If you hired a moving company, ask about their insurance policy. It will be an additional security for your valuables. It is better to have a backup plan in case of any unexpected situations. The loss of priceless item is distressful, but at least you can be financially compensated.Before packing your antiques, clean them with microfibre cloth and do not use any chemical based products as they may damage the surface of your furniture. You can check in your local hardware, furniture store or antique dealer for cleaning products for fine furniture to make sure you are using the best possible cleaning materials.Then you can decide which boxes are the best for different items. Some of them, like paintings and mirrors should be packed in speciality boxes. Also corners should be protected with special corner protectors as due to their shape they are very prone to scratches.When moving antique furniture you should remember about disassembling most of the items you can. Then put each wrapped in a bubble wrap in the box. You can always use extra blankets to cover the furniture on the van.Remember about storing all artwork and mirrors upright and never put anything on top of it.Simply follow these steps to protect valuable items from any damage:
  • Make sure you have a full inventory and pictures of your antiques
  • Ask about insurance policy
  • Clean furniture with microfibre cloth or fine furniture cleaning products
  • Use speciality boxes and corner protectors
  • Use additional blankets to cover items in transit
Whether you pack and move your precious furniture with a help of a professional moving company or on your own, remember about above-mentioned rules. Point out high-value and more fragile items when ordering your moving service and ask for taking extra care when carrying and putting down your possessions.At your destination, carefully check all your furniture and antiques. You must be sure there are no damaged pieces and surfaces. After checking you can sign your receipt and enjoy staying at your new place!