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Office Removals is a great opportunity to introduce changes in our lives and although usually it is planned for some time, there are situations which force us to leave a given flat unexpectedly and in an instant mode. Then we have a limited time to pack, transport and unpack in a new place. Regardless of whether it concerns the transportation of private persons’ belongings, moving offices or companies, it is worthwhile to use professional removal services. Our company – Superb Moves – is an expert in moving companies and office removals London and office relocation services covering all areas of London from Superb Moves. We take responsibility for all duties related to packing, cleaning, transporting and unpacking office equipment. Thanks to our experience and reliability, customers can count on the fact that the removals of companies run smoothly and without stress, and all the transported items are properly secured. We guarantee shortening the time needed to carry out the whole action to a minimum. London office  Removal services are performed in an extremely careful manner, taking care of every thing transported by the removal vans. The personnel performing the service are experienced employees who have taken part in many transport in London and surrounding areas. Superb Moves has special materials at its disposal to ensure the proper protection of the transported property. London-based Superb Moves company is a guarantee of quick and well done work!

Office Removals London

Professional Office Movers

The offer of the removal process in London includes: professional employee advice, free valuation, supply of materials necessary to properly protect property, assembly and disassembly of furniture – depending on individual needs and preferences, packing property, loading and securing cartons, equipment in the luggage compartment, transport to the place indicated by the customer, unloading in accordance with the guidelines. In the interest of the customer’s well-being and interests, the transport is fully insured, so the customer can be sure that in the event of any accidents, the costs will be reimbursed.

Office removals London – what to remember and what to pay special attention to?

A change of company seat, like any other change in the functioning of the company, must be carefully thought out and planned. If you set a convenient date for your move, you should inform all employees about your move. It is best to do this well in advance, at a management meeting with the employees, to additionally convince the employees of the need to move and to present all the advantages of moving. Resistance to change is a frequent reaction of employees, therefore, it is necessary to positively attitude them to the new situation and give them time to get used to the necessity of change.

Office removal is quite a challenge, which sometimes comes up against. There may be several motives to change the place. The most common ones are the willingness to create conditions for more effective work and reducing and optimizing costs. The most important point is to conduct it in such a way that it does not interfere with the work of the office, as well as the continuity of business processes, which would be associated with losses in the company. Therefore, it is worth to prepare for it properly. Office removal gives a chance not only to change the location, but also, what is important, to arrange a new space that can facilitate the performance of tasks by employees.

An office is a workplace and therefore a place that must be conducive to employees and potential customers. It must be adapted to the needs of employees. The office equipment depends on the specificity of the company. Some companies rely on teamwork, others on individual employee work. It is worthwhile for the office to be equipped with places for independent and creative work, but also places for teamwork. It would be good to arrange a place for conference rooms and relaxation rooms.

Office removals london with Superb Moves company gives the possibility to change the equipment as well. On our market there are plenty of office furniture offers. But this does not mean that the choice will be easier. When looking for office equipment, one should be guided not only by aesthetics and appearance, but above all by practical use and functionality.

Desks equipped with partition walls will be a useful element of equipment, which will enable and improve work in concentration. Office furniture includes not only desks, cabinets and bookcases, but also comfortable and modern sofas. Thanks to them it will be possible to work in a team. The interior should look fresh, neat and modern, but without unnecessary glamour. Places intended for relaxation will be enriched with modern, colourful pouffes. When arranging the interior we must also think about the color of the office furniture itself, which should be in colors pleasant to the eye.

If we properly manage the space in our new office, we will gain a multifunctional office, even in a small space. Moving an office does not have to be complicated, if only we prepare for it properly.

Office removal is a great opportunity to put your documentation in order. It is worthwhile to additionally secure important company documents. For this purpose, it is best to have in addition to the paper versions, electronic versions, important information can be transferred to a hard disk or other storage media. Moving is a good time to segregate and get rid of some unnecessary papers, which not only take away our space, but also introduce unnecessary chaos and mess in the office. Using the change of the company’s headquarters, you can also change the procedures facilitating the circulation of documentation. The introduction of digitalization of documents will certainly visibly improve the work of the company. Changing the location of the office is not only associated with moving objects or documents. Moving in is primarily aimed at introducing beneficial changes and improving the specificity of the company. The office should be a place of work, but also a kind of a business card of the company.

An extremely important stage in the office removal process is its organisation. A person or group of people should be appointed to be responsible for it. These people are familiar with the new location and are planning a new deployment of workstations and office equipment. In addition, it is also necessary to determine which items are transported, which are already redundant and need to be disposed of. At least a few months before the planned removal, the person in charge of the organisation should contact the removal company and ask for an inspection and evaluation of the service.

Once you have already booked a removal appointment with the removal company, you can proceed to assign tasks to individual employees. If you have not ordered a comprehensive removal with packaging, it is advisable to ask your employees to pack their own workplace. You should set a start and end date for packing and select the people who will pack the office equipment. Dismantling and securing furniture is best done by a suitably qualified removal team of London-based Superb Moves company. It is also important to remember to have control over important company documents. All important documents must be packed separately and properly described. Sometimes it is even necessary to transport them in special sealed packages. After the planning and execution of the individual tasks, all that remains is to entrust the transport to Superb Moves. Everything will be perfect.

If you have any further questions, just give us a call or write to us. A pleasant conversation and competent explanations should dispel any doubts. In addition, we offer free consultations. Our representative will verify the level of difficulty on site, paying particular attention to documentation, office machines and other interior fittings that will require specialized packaging and transportation. As part of the removal service, our employees can pack the entire company, cataloguing individual items and making photographic documentation of the appearance of the whole. All in order to quickly and efficiently reconstruct workplaces in a new location. Superb Moves is the best choice: cheap and solid!

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