Are you planning a move? You’ve come to the right place!


Superb Moves, a well-established London removal company, has been serving the local community for several years. Over time, we have expanded our operations to specialize in comprehensive removal and packing services. Our services extend beyond London, covering both national and international orders. Our clientele includes individuals, prominent private companies, and government institutions. Through years of experience, we have acquired the necessary expertise in this industry. Consequently, we have established a strong market presence and earned the trust of numerous customers. Our extensive experience enables us to meet even the most demanding expectations, providing the utmost professionalism, impeccable organization, and unmatched reliability in our services. Reliable, harmonious staff and well-developed technical facilities guarantee that every removal will be made at the highest world level. The strength of our company is its focus on continuous development. We are not afraid of new challenges and unusual orders. For you we will transport every product, in every place and at any time. It is your needs that make us look for new solutions.


We always meticulously plan and discuss all the logistics with our clients when carrying out apartment and house removals. Our removals are fully insured and we utilize modern techniques to ensure the protection of belongings and property from any damage. Moving with us guarantees a sense of safety, as we understand the stress and difficulties that come with moving. That’s why we prioritize thorough arrangements and meticulous implementation to meet your expectations. In London, our packing service is a crucial aspect of our business.

If you are unsure about how to pack for your move, we provide a well-organized removal guide. It is important to estimate the time needed for each stage of your removal and be well-prepared for packaging. First of all, you should be well prepared for packaging. Old cellar cartons and handy adhesive tape are definitely not enough. If you want your belongings to reach a new place safely, make sure that the boxes are durable, preferably made of five-layer cardboard of high weight. We should also buy a solid, thick adhesive tape and bubble wrap. These items can be easily purchased in specialist shops. Before removal it is also worth to gather all old newspapers and magazines in one place. They will later be useful for packing delicate items such as vases or plates. If we have already prepared all the necessary accessories, we can proceed to the most important task, i.e. placing things in cardboard boxes. It is definitely a time-consuming task, but well-packed cartons will speed up the work of the removal company and enable us to easily unpack in the new place.

When packing things, remember not to put too many heavy objects in the same cardboard box. A large box filled to the brim with books is very heavy and difficult to transport. So we pack heavy things in smaller boxes, and leave the bigger ones for example for clothes or light duvets and pillows. Also remember not to repackage boxes, which means not to put too many items in them. The box should not have pushed out walls and must close easily so that nothing will damage during transport (this is particularly important advice when glass is transported in a given carton). In addition, when transporting electronic equipment, it is worth to pack it in the original boxes, if only we have such boxes. Another valuable practice is to pack things of one category into one cardboard box, e.g. kitchen equipment and detailed signing of cardboard boxes. Once we’ve signed our boxes, we won’t have to open them to see what’s inside. In addition, Superb Moves employees will be able to take the carton to the right place immediately. The last and perhaps most trivial advice is not to pack into cardboard boxes the items that we need and that we should have at hand. So we do not pack, for example, documents, car keys or essential medicines. This advice is really obvious, but in moving house confusion, even the most obvious things are sometimes forgotten.