By providing our services, we offer our customers the most advantageous value for money ratio. Removal costs may vary, but cooperation with our company is always profitable.

Removals London

Superb Moves has been dealing with packing, transporting, and unloading furniture and other items for years, which means we have achieved the highest level of professionalism in carrying out our London removals services.

Mention the words “home removals” and almost everyone will experience feelings of nervousness or anxiety. There’s the packing and transporting of precious goods, the mess, and even the mountains of items you don’t know what to do with.

The whole basis on which our company was established was so that our customers don’t have to worry about the prospect of moving. With our help, removals run smoothly, quickly and painlessly.

Safely and professionally, we help our customers during removals, taking on most of the tasks involved. We can fully organise our work and responsibilities to avoid all confusion and any unnecessary waste of time.

Our specially adapted modern removal vans and equipment allow us to safely transport furniture and personal belongings to any location, whether within London or across longer distances.

We not only have experience in organising removals of possessions from flats and houses, but also in co-ordinating moves for all kinds of companies, institutions, production units and industrial plants.

We are aware that our customers lead busy lives and are often short of time. As a result, we can adapt our working hours to suit your individual needs.

We work efficiently, quickly, methodically, and accurately. When organising removals in London and beyond, we also respect the privacy of our customers as much as possible.

Our employees stand out from other companies because of their discretion, their tact and our company’s ethos. Why not work with us to plan your move?

Best Movers London

Timeliness All planning should start with a specific date in mind. You can choose any date throughout the working week or at the weekend.
Reliability We make every effort to ensure that working with us is a pleasure as you start your journey to your new life.

Punctuality We will organise the safe transportation of your furniture and possessions, regardless of their current location and the destination you’re moving to.

Trustworthiness At Superb Moves, we place the highest emphasis on the safety of the goods you entrust to us while they’re in transit.

One Of The Best Movers In London The scope of the job of removals in London (in other words, the number of activities that you outsource to a specialist company) is what has the greatest impact on the price of the service. It follows, then, that the more prepared you are for your move, the lower the cost will be.

Here are a few tasks you could carry out on your own to save yourself some expense.
Decluttering. Moving is an ideal time to get rid of any unnecessary items you own. It’s therefore well worth spending some time in sorting through your possessions and throwing away old clothes and other items that you’ve stored for years and never used. By doing that, you can reduce the cost of your move and start life in your new home without unnecessary clutter.

Packing your personal belongings in cardboard boxes. It is easy to lose track of small items, documents and other valuables in the chaos that results from moving your belongings from A to B.

This means it can be a good idea to pack and transport important items such as this yourself. That way, you can be sure that goods won’t get damaged or lost among the general array of moving boxes filled to the lids with stuff.

Activities that can be outsourced to a professional removals company in London. If necessary, our removals firm can assemble and disassemble furniture. We can also prepare your property for the move with appropriate packaging solutions that will guarantee items’ safety while in transit. Finally, we can take care of tedious job of loading and unloading your stuff at either end as well.

removals london

London Best Removals: Advantages Of Our Service

Fewer risks

Lifting and carrying all your possessions and loading them into a vehicle for moving is no easy task! It can be especially daunting to move costly and heavy appliances and electronics, or fragile but priceless family antiques.

We are a group of highly trained professionals who have the skills and experience to ensure your belongings survive the move without being damaged.


Moving to a new home or expanding your business into new premises is a very exciting milestone. Chances are, you will want your move carried out quickly so you can have a fresh start in your new environment as soon as possible.

Our hard-working team will work together with you to get the job done as quickly as possible. Our lengthy experience has ensured we’re able to provide an efficient service with speedy working methods and time-saving techniques.

Less effort

Packing and lifting furniture can literally be a back-breaking task, especially if you have a ton of heavy items that need moving. Even if you have a group of friends willing to help you out, there’s still a lot of tedious work to do.

We’re here to simplify the process! You can sit back and relax, because our team will do the heavy-lifting for you.

Instead of wrapping, rolling and packing items, you can focus on the more important preparations you need to make for moving into your new place. Our team is here to help you out so you and your friends can arrive at your new destination fresh and relaxed, and ready to celebrate your move.

Full insurance Because we want to give you peace of mind when all of your precious items are transit, we are fully insured against damage to your goods while they are with us. Our Goods in Transit insurance covers up to £40,000 for each vehicle. If you need a higher level of coverage, we can arrange extra insurance of up to £100,000 for you.

Why Choose Superb Moves?

Quite apart from our advanced techniques and skilled workers, Superb Moves is certainly one of the most reliable and trustworthy removals companies London has to offer.

Since the day our business was established, we have been providing top-notch services to homeowners and business owners throughout London. We have made a point of tailoring our services to the specific needs of our customers and have a wealth of experience in our field.

Our business model revolves around customer satisfaction first and foremost. We build our relationships on trust, and our partners can rely on us for moving solutions that are efficient, both in terms of execution and cost.

In addition, we are an accredited member of an official removal association, Move Assured. This means that we operate within its regulations and abide by the codes stipulated by the relevant trade bodies.

If you have questions about any of our services, or if you would like to get a free quote for your move, get in touch with our team now.

You can contact us via our email address at


How much does it cost for a removal company?

Movers usually give quotes based on the number of rooms to be emptied, the distance of the move, and the general cost of labour (which calculates the time and number of workers needed to carry out the move).

For instance, the usual rate for local removals in London is about £50-£60 per hour for two men and a van. Long distance moves are more expensive, and as a guideline, will cost around £450 for a one-bed flat and up to £1,000 for four-bedroom homes.

How do I choose a removal company?

  • Prepare a short list of potential companies to hire.
  • Write down your requirements.
  • Check the services offered by each company and see if each can meet your needs.
  • Get price quotes from each one, then consider your budget.
  • Search for reviews online and compare feedback from their past clients.
  • Get a pre-move survey.

Should I hire movers at all?

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly move, you can choose to hire relocation professionals who leave the packing to you and solely transport your items.

With this option, you can pack and secure all your items yourself and then hand over to a self-pack moving company who will handle the logistics of transporting your items from A to B.

Should I tip a removal company?

If you’re impressed by the movers’ service, tipping will be appreciated. As moving is a very strenuous job, tips can be a great way to thank workers for a job well done. Equally, though, if you’re not satisfied with the service you have received, you don’t have to give a tip.

Do you pay removal companies upfront?

London removals companies typically require full payment seven days prior to your scheduled moving date.

Is it cheaper to hire a moving company?

Hiring expert moving firms tends to be more expensive than just leasing a van to move your possessions yourself. The services of self-pack movers cost more than van rental, but less than hiring full-service movers.

However, hiring a moving company comes with many benefits, such as a great deal of saved time and effort.

Are professional movers worth it?

It depends on your situation. Many companies base costs on the weight of your cargo or the distance of the move, so it’s worth getting an estimate for the job first. Usually, though, a moving company’s services won’t be too expensive for most budgets.

Can you leave clothes in dresser drawers when moving?

Yes. Just make sure you leave your dresser in an upright position and ensure that the drawers will remain in place and closed while in transit.

Keeping the original contents in their dressers or other storage units is an efficient way to pack too, as you not only save time but also use fewer boxes.

How long should it take to pack a three-bedroom house?

Here is a list of the time required and suggested number of workers per number of bedrooms:

  • Two bedrooms – two people – three to five hours
  • Three bedrooms – three people – six to eight hours
  • Four bedrooms – three people – eight to ten hours
  • Five or more bedrooms – four people – ten to twelve hours

When should I book a removal company?

An in-demand removal company usually gets fully-booked a few weeks before a moving date. For London removal, the end of the week or end of the month is the most popular booking date. What this means is that you can potentially get a discount by scheduling your move for the middle of a week or mid-month.

How To Choose The Right Removal Company

Time is of the essence

Start your search right away! The best London removals usually get booked up long in advance, so if there’s a specific date on which you’d like to move, make sure you do your research weeks before that, so you can work with the company that you want.

Collect and select

Gather quotes from as many companies as you can, so you can get a full grasp of what’s really available on the market. This gives you a better chance of landing the best deal you can get for the services you need.


Get all the moving services you need from just one company to make it easier for you to communicate your requirements. Find the mover that suits you and ticks all your checkboxes.

If you’re looking for a fast and convenient top 3 removal company in London, look no further. We at Superb Moves can handle all of your moving requirements for a reasonable price!

Tips When Hiring A Removal Company

Making sure that your belongings are handled with care should be the number one priority of transport firms. It’s therefore worth taking time to research and find a company that you can have confidence in and has a track record of doing its job well.

To get the perfect removal company for your move, follow this guide:

  1. Determine your requirements
    Know exactly what you need before you begin your search. Determine what particular services you require and how long the move will take.
  2. Find “the one”
    The best results are achieved if you do your research. Take your time and put effort into finding a reputable London removals company.
  3. Request a pre-move survey
    Your chosen company should be able to provide you with a pre-move survey, which is a form that allows you to further explain your requirements in detail.

This normally includes an estimate of the volume of items to be packed. You may also include special instructions on packing fragile specialty items like antiques.

This survey helps the company to assess the size of the moving vehicle needed, as well as enabling it to give you an accurate price estimate.


There are several things that could go wrong when moving: broken fragile items, missing pieces, etc. Luckily, there’s a few things you can do to prevent these from happening.

Inform your removal company about your home

If you give your company details about your property’s access points and layout, they can better prepare for the move and make fewer mistakes. Tell them how many flights of stairs they’ll have to negotiate, the size of the doorways, and any alternative entrances.

Get insured

Review your chosen moving company’s insurance policy. It’s best to check for an explicit provision that holds their firm responsible for any loss and damage during the loading and transport of your items. If you have a home contents insurer, contact them to find out if there are any specific terms you need to take into account in the event of moving your possessions.


There’s no harm in trying to negotiate a price, so why not give it a try? Some businesses can be more flexible when it comes to giving discounts for loyal customers.

If you want the best removals West London has to offer, contact us now! Our team has everything it takes to ensure your move is smooth and successful.

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Planning should start from a date. You can choose between a working week or a weekend.


We make every effort to make cooperation with us a pleasant beginning of something new.


We will organize transport of furniture regardless of its current location and destination.


In our company, the greatest emphasis is placed on the safety of the cargo entrusted to us.

one of the best movers in london

​ The scope of a removal in London, i.e. the number of activities that we will outsource to a specialist company, has the greatest impact on the price of the service. Therefore, the more we prepare ourselves, the lower our expenses will be. Among the activities that we can do without any problems are those that we can do on our own. Step number one: making a selection – the best movers in London moving is the best moment to get rid of unnecessary items. It is therefore worthwhile to select your property and throw away old clothes and other things that have been stored for years. Thanks to that we will reduce costs and move into a new place without unnecessary ballast. Step number two: packing personal belongings into cardboard boxes. Step number three: packing of personal belongings in cardboard boxes. It is easy to lose small items, documents and other valuable items in the chaos of transferring your belongings. For this reason, we should pack and transport them ourselves – in this way we can be sure that they will not be destroyed or lost among the filled to the brim cartons. Removals are tiring. Activities to be outsourced to a professional company: if necessary – assembly and disassembly of furniture. Preparation of property for transport with the use of appropriate solutions that guarantee their safety. Loading and unloading of property.


  • How much does it cost to make a house move?
  • How to place an order?
  • Do you have packing cartons and can you deliver them earlier?
  • Does the company provide its services also on Sunday?
How much does it cost to make a house move?

The price of moving depends on many factors. Mainly, what kind of services the client requires from the removal company. The best solution is to invite a company representative to view the property. This ensures that the service will be priced correctly. If the flat is small (one or two rooms), then a short telephone conversation is enough. Sometimes it is enough to look at a few photos. Our company uses these solutions and we have 100% efficiency without mistakes. There are no universal prices for moving. If a company offers fixed prices for e.g. 3 bed house, it is unprofessional and we advise you to avoid such companies. If you are looking for a professional valuation of such a service please contact us.

How to place an order?
If you want to order a service from Superb Moves. please contact us by phone or email. We also encourage you to fill out Free Quote Form on our website The booking process is simple and fast.
Do you have packing cartons and can you deliver them earlier?
Superb Moves has high quality packaging materials necessary for professional packaging and securing of transported items. We will deliver with pleasure packing materials before moving.
Does the company provide its services also on Sunday?
We understand that some customers prefer moving during the weekend, so we can help you move on Sunday or Bank holiday. If such a need occurs, we are also available at night.