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By providing our services, we offer our customers the most advantageous value for money ratio. Removal costs may vary, but cooperation with our company is always profitable.


There is probably no person with whom the word “removal” does not cause a nervous reaction or anxiety. Packing, transporting, messing, mountains of things you don’t know what to do with. Superb Moves was created so that you don’t have to be nervous when moving. We have been dealing with packing, transporting and unloading furniture and other items for years, which allowed us to achieve the highest level of professionalism. Safely and professionally we help our customers during removals, taking over most of their duties. We are able to organize our work in such a way as to avoid confusion and unnecessary waste of time. Thanks to our help, removals run smoothly, quickly and “painlessly”. Specially adapted, modern removal vans and equipment allow us to safely transport furniture and belongings to any location, even if it is very far from London. We have experience not only in organizing removals of flats and houses, but also in moving all kinds of companies, institutions, production and industrial plants. We are aware of the pace of life and the constant lack of time of our customers. For this reason, we adjust the hours of our work to your individual needs. We act efficiently, quickly, methodically and accurately. When organizing removals in London, we try to respect the privacy of our customers. Packing and transporting your belongings we enter your private sphere. Our employees are characterized by discretion, tact and culture. We invite you to cooperate with us!

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Planning should start from a date. You can choose between a working week or a weekend.


We make every effort to make cooperation with us a pleasant beginning of something new.


We will organize transport of furniture regardless of its current location and destination.


In our company, the greatest emphasis is placed on the safety of the cargo entrusted to us.

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​ The scope of a removal in London, i.e. the number of activities that we will outsource to a specialist company, has the greatest impact on the price of the service. Therefore, the more we prepare ourselves, the lower our expenses will be. Among the activities that we can do without any problems are those that we can do on our own. Step number one: making a selection – moving is the best moment to get rid of unnecessary items. It is therefore worthwhile to select your property and throw away old clothes and other things that have been stored for years. Thanks to that we will reduce costs and move into a new place without unnecessary ballast. Step number two: packing personal belongings into cardboard boxes. Step number three: packing of personal belongings in cardboard boxes. It is easy to lose small items, documents and other valuable items in the chaos of transferring your belongings. For this reason, we should pack and transport them ourselves – in this way we can be sure that they will not be destroyed or lost among the filled to the brim cartons. Removals are tiring. Activities to be outsourced to a professional company: if necessary – assembly and disassembly of furniture. Preparation of property for transport with the use of appropriate solutions that guarantee their safety. Loading and unloading of property.


The price of moving depends on many factors. Mainly, what kind of services the client requires from the removal company. The best solution is to invite a company representative to view the property. This ensures that the service will be priced correctly. If the flat is small (one or two rooms), then a short telephone conversation is enough. Sometimes it is enough to look at a few photos. Our company uses these solutions and we have 100% efficiency without mistakes. There are no universal prices for moving. If a company offers fixed prices for e.g. 3 bed house, it is unprofessional and we advise you to avoid such companies. If you are looking for a professional valuation of such a service please contact us.
If you want to order a service from Superb Moves. please contact us by phone or email. We also encourage you to fill out Free Quote Form on our website The booking process is simple and fast.
Superb Moves has high quality packaging materials necessary for professional packaging and securing of transported items. We will deliver with pleasure packing materials before moving.
We understand that some customers prefer moving during the weekend, so we can help you move on Sunday or Bank holiday. If such a need occurs, we are also available at night.