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We invite you to familiarize yourself with the specificity of our company and its comprehensive offer. You will find out why Superb Moves has a reputation not only in Osterley but also in other parts of the country.


Creating the Superb Moves brand is the answer for the most demanding customers. The company has been providing transport services in Osterley and abroad for many years. Comprehensive private removals, removals of companies and offices, safe transport, professional and friendly service, the highest diligence in performing services and low prices – these are our main advantages! Our staff are professionals. Young, fast and efficient team of people who are characterized by high personal culture, involvement in the tasks performed and, most importantly, appropriate competence in the field of security and transportation of property. Check us out, we will not disappoint you! We move apartments and houses in one day. Often the property is already moved in a few hours. We are ready for such orders every day from Monday to Saturday. Moving offices is a service to which we prepare a little longer. Everything depends on the size of the company that wants to move its property. Most often, which is very much appreciated by business owners, we make a free and noncommittal site visit to the company, which we will move. According to the specificity of the rooms, the number of items moved and the delicacy of office equipment, we prepare a moving plan. A good plan is one hundred percent sure that everything will work out as planned. We have received many phone calls with praise for our team. The most important thing for companies is that they move on time. If we guarantee one day, the move is made according to contract, even if the team has to stay late in the evening. We almost always value company removals “in advance” after a meeting with our representative. Private removals are above all an individual, flexible approach to the subject. We try to determine the price for the service in advance, then the customer does not look at the watch, we are sure that the team depends on the rapid execution of the order and most importantly, there are no sudden additional costs. Our goal is always customer satisfaction.

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The hallmark of our company is not only reliability and professionalism, but also people who are committed to doing their job. It is thanks to their professionalism that we have gained a multitude of satisfied customers who have made the move.


We have a rich technical background, giving us the ability to perform the order professionally and without unnecessary costs. Thanks to our commitment and reliability we enjoy a group of customers satisfied with our services, because the customer is always the most important to us!


Our company has extensive experience in moving smaller and larger offices, institutions and offices in the UK and abroad. Regardless of the scope of service, size of offices, number of workstations, we guarantee efficient, professional and, above all, timely performance of the service.


Thanks to many years of experience we can offer you support and assistance in transporting untypical objects due to their weight, fragility or uniqueness. Our company will professionally secure and transport even the most difficult to transport object in a fast and efficient way.

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Removals are usually associated with chaos, stress and the prevailing chaos. At the same time, it is a good opportunity to carry out all the necessary cleanup, get rid of unnecessary things and organize private matters. However, it is a time-consuming and often stressful process. In order to avoid unnecessary nerves and chaos it is worth to use the help of specialists who will do everything for you! Superb Moves has been offering comprehensive and efficient removals for many years. Osterley is the main area of our business, but we also welcome people from the surrounding area to take advantage of our services. How will the move proceed in cooperation with us? When you move, you can easily forget about something or do not adequately protect valuables that will be damaged. Especially if different items have been stored for years in the attic or in different lockers. Our company will take care of this from start to finish. You just decide which items to leave and which to throw away, and we will pack them or dispose of them. Moving in doesn’t have to be stressful! Thanks to our experienced staff, the move will be smooth and efficient. If necessary, we will disassemble, pack, dispose of and destroy your documents. We specialize in small removals to new flats, houses, offices, but we also have extensive experience in complex, multi-stage processes that require the transport of entire technological lines, factory equipment or valuable items. Depending on your needs, we can provide containers, including extremely durable sealed containers for the transport of particularly valuable items, as well as labels that will allow you to find specific items in the new location, and ropes, forklift trucks to transport a greater number of heavier items.


Superb Moves specializes in moving homes, offices, apartments and commercial premises. Our experienced specialists help in unpacking furniture, as well as disconnecting and connecting “White goods”. On request, a full packaging and unpacking service is also possible.

Our employees are trained in professional packaging. All delicate items will be secured and marked. We also have all packaging materials necessary for this process.

If you want to order a service from Superb Moves. please contact us by phone or email. We also encourage you to fill out Free Quote Form on our website The booking process is simple and fast.

Our employees are trained in professional packaging. All delicate items will be secured and marked. We also have all packaging materials necessary for this process.