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Removal of residence involves the need to bring many personal items to your new home in Pinner. Packing, proper marking and then carrying cartons is a time-consuming task that not everyone has time and inclination for. Superb Moves is the perfect choice for you! With our help you will save time and your personal items will reach your new home without any problems.

Removals Pinner

Superb Moves company provides comprehensive removal services in Pinner.  We have gained our experience thanks to cooperation with many companies as well as private individuals. Our knowledge and practice allows us to undertake the most logistically complex undertakings related to the transport of various types of goods. We transport household appliances, computer equipment as well as works of art that require careful protection during transport. We use special techniques that guarantee safe transport of the property entrusted to us. We also pack glass and other delicate items in a special foil and cardboard. In order for our company to function well and enjoy trust among its clients, we have a team of carefully selected, proven and experienced employees. Our employees are trustworthy, provide absolute care for customer property. They are accurate and meticulous. We have been operating in the removal industry for many years. We have gained our experience thanks to cooperation with many companies as well as private individuals, which we can confirm with many recommendations. Our knowledge and practice allows us to undertake the most logistically complicated projects related to the transport of various types of furniture, equipment, cartons.

removals pinner



Removal with us is pure pleasure. You do not need to know anything about packing or spinning furniture, flex your muscles when bringing your belongings, wanting to change your place of residence or the headquarters of your company. From this you have a professional company!


Each of our professional cars is equipped with transport belts and materials for transferring furniture, thus avoiding scratching them and any mechanical damage. If you are looking for transport services in Pinner, you’ve come to the right place!


One of the most important things taken into account by our Clients when they decide to provide our services is security. The goods transported by us are always well loaded and secured. For the transport of smaller items, we offer customers free cardboard packaging.


Our company offers you very competitive financial terms. We operate in an hourly system, but we can also prepare a ready cost estimate for removal. Our employees will help you plan your removal. The furniture will be secured and transported with the utmost care.

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Removals in Pinner most often involve the need to transport not only a large number of individual furniture, but also many documents and smaller and larger office equipment. Independent preparation of such a project takes a lot of time and usually requires exclusion from the work of several people and a minimum of a few days. Therefore, it is definitely better to order a specialized removal company that will deal with the problem quickly. Superb Moves is able to deal with such a complex undertaking from the proverbial A to Z. Our services include both packaging and safe lifting and bringing, protecting the whole on vans to bring everything in the unchanged shape to the destination. Removals are a service that we do often, which is why we can be proud of our extensive experience in this field. We have both the right knowledge and properly trained employees who provide service at a truly European level.


Our company has all the necessary things to secure furniture for transport. We have professional covers for sofas, mattresses, armchairs, tables, etc. We also have blankets that we use on other furniture for full protection. The furniture is secured against moving through the belts. This is a security-related functionality.

Superb Moves can help you get rid of unnecessary things for an additional fee. As we like to help, most things go to Charity Shops. Items that are not suitable for further use are exported to the recycling center. The charge in the recycling center depends on the weight of things.

Yes, the pricing of the service is completely free.

Superb Moves has full insurance for transported furniture and goods. If any damage occurs, the insurance will cover the damage. Please note: over 8 years of experience, our company did not have a single claim, which means that 100% of the removals we made did not get any damage.


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