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Do you want to avoid unnecessary chaos? Give this task to professionals from Reading who know everything about removals. The most convenient way to move is a comprehensive order. You are looking to visit our company and discuss the details of the order. We set the scope of activities and provide an approximate price list.


Moving move uneven. Although it is about the transfer of property, there may be different methods to execute this order. Superb Moves – removal company based in Reading – is a proposal for people who want to change their address or location of the company, store or office. We offer you free, solid cardboard boxes to pack things, along with security materials like plain film, bubble wrap, tape, wrapping paper. We dismantle the furniture, re-assemble it, clean the room, dispose of unnecessary equipment. We also recommend specialist removals. It is mainly transport of pianos, grand pianos, safes, company servers, safes, antiques or objects of unusual size. The valuation is individual here. As in the case of moving a cabinet, company or institution – what counts is the area, number of workstations, size of equipment and many other criteria. The cheapest option resembles classic transport services. You pack your thing and we transport it. You protect all packages, we guard them during transport, so that they arrive intact. If you wish, transport can be insured. Most often such a service is an hourly settlement and it is mainly chosen by people who want to minimize costs. Bet on professional services that will take off the ballast of worry about whether you have properly packed your things so that they do not get damaged during the journey. You also do not have to think about how to deal with the transport of heavy furniture. At Superb Moves, we work with large capacity cars. Thanks to this we will be able to meet every challenge, such as apartments removals, stores removals, warehouses removals, also offices and companies removals.




We will help you dismantle the furniture, pack it, load it and unload it with large, bulky items. We will bring them not only to the new apartment, but also the room you have designated. If you are wondering how much this service costs, we will pre-evaluate the cost of the services ordered. You can ask for quotes by phone or e-mail.


Diversified orders allowed us to acquire the necessary knowledge about moving and to get acquainted with the specificity of this industry. We have also managed to develop a strong position on the market and gain the trust of thousands of customers. They can count on us to meet even the most exorbitant expectations, excellent work organization and exceptional reliability of the services provided.


We live fast and flexibly to adapt to what life and the labor market bring to us. And often carries a new address. Are you changing your place of residence or registered office? You will not be alone with this challenge. We will solve each task and make it quickly, safely and professionally. Thanks to many years of experience and professional employees, there are no difficult tasks for us.


We have tested our competences in practice. Know that you can rely on us for such services as pricing and preliminary advice, delivery of packaging materials, disassembly and assembly of furniture, securing communication routes, loading and securing packages on a motor-car, unloading and setting up property according to your instructions and utilizing unnecessary things along with clearing up previously occupied premises.


Do you need an efficient, fast and cheaper transport company that will take the goods to the right place? We have many years of experience in removals and transporting luggage, items with large and non-standard dimensions, as well as equipment for various purposes. We carry out various entities, cabinets, companies, offices, private apartments. We operate comprehensively, participating at every stage of the move, but you can also contact us if you already have ready, packed things and only count on their transport. Such a service is a cheaper option because you pay only for the hours of our work. Our modern fleet of vehicles operates in Reading, but we will also undertake orders outside its borders. Our company has been operating on the market for years, satisfying the needs of not only the inhabitants of the region. We offer comprehensive transport on any route, including abroad. Our extensive experience allows us to stabilize services and ensure their reliability. Transport, luggage or moving is not only our specialty, but also passion. Because we operate reliably, the group of our clients is gradually expanding. Your trust is for us a real determinant of the quality of services we provide. Our offer is flexible, we have designed it for the individual needs of individuals and companies.


  • How much does it cost to make a house move?
  • How should we pack our clothes efficiently when moving?
  • Does your company secure furniture?
  • Do you have packing cartons and can you deliver them earlier?
How much does it cost to make a house move?

The price of moving depends on many factors. Mainly, what kind of services the client requires from the removal company. The best solution is to invite a company representative to view the property. This ensures that the service will be priced correctly. If the flat is small (one or two rooms), then a short telephone conversation is enough. Sometimes it is enough to look at a few photos. Our company uses these solutions and we have 100% efficiency without mistakes. There are no universal prices for moving. If a company offers fixed prices for e.g. 3 bed house, it is unprofessional and we advise you to avoid such companies. If you are looking for a professional valuation of such a service please contact us.

How should we pack our clothes efficiently when moving?

Clothes should be packed in large cartons, you can also use your own suitcases. As professionals, we do not recommend bags. For clothes that you have on hangers, our company uses special Wardrobe boxes. This is the perfect solution, because clothes are still in the hanging position and there is no risk of their destruction. This solution works especially with shirts, suits and dresses. Our company can rent you such boxes. We will bring them on the day of the move and if you wish, we will pack clothes and unpack them in a new place.

Does your company secure furniture?

Our company has all the necessary things to secure furniture for transport. We have professional covers for sofas, mattresses, armchairs, tables, etc. We also have blankets that we use on other furniture for full protection. The furniture is secured against moving through the belts. This is a security-related functionality.

Do you have packing cartons and can you deliver them earlier?

Superb Moves has high quality packaging materials necessary for professional packaging and securing of transported items. We will deliver with pleasure packing materials before moving.


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