Are you planning a move? You’ve come to the right place!


If you are looking for a solid company specializing in moving house or apartment services in London, then the offer of Superb Moves will certainly meet your expectations. We have been operating on the removal market for many years. Such a long experience enabled us to attract regular customers. All removal services in London are performed with great care. We offer packing of personal belongings, disassembly and assembly of furniture together with their protection with removal blankets and professional furniture covers. We always advise our customers how to prepare for the move in an efficient and safe way. For the time of the removal, our customers do not have to worry about what and how to pack their belongings, because we have a wide range of packaging such as boxes, tapes, bubble wrap, packing paoers, hanging boxes and much more. By choosing our removals offer, our clients save themselves the stress of this unusual event. We carry out complex removals in London (with packing and securing property), as well as transport with loading and unloading of previously prepared goods. Our equipment includes appropriate tools for disassembly and assembly of furniture in the new premises. The removal process consists of four steps:

London Local Moving

1. Inquiry

By contacting us by phone or e-mail, you will be asked to specify the number of items to be transported, the floors from which the goods need to be lifted and taken to a new location, access to lifts and the ability to drive up to the place of loading. At this stage we present our offer to our customers (service valuation).

2. Order

After the acceptance of the offer we determine the date and exact time, at which our team should appear at your place in order to start the order. Once an order has been accepted, it shall be recorded in our timetable and the agreed date shall remain unchanged.

3. Execution

Our employees are always equipped with materials for securing things and cardboard boxes. Depending on the degree of preparation for the move, we start packing, securing and carrying the goods to the removal van. These items are then properly placed and secured so as to avoid any damage while driving the removal van. During unloading, the goods are brought in, unpacked and placed in a place indicated to us.

4. Summary

After unloading the removal van we settle at a pre-determined rate. We always issue an invoice on the spot, and also ask for comment, as to the quality of our services.

Well-prepared and secured items for removal allow to save even up to one hour of work for the removal team. Try to prepare boxes and cartons in one place, as close as possible to the exit from the apartment or house. Let’s set the boxes with glass and delicate content separately. Furniture should be emptied of its contents, shelves should be pulled out and the whole thing wrapped in stretch foil. Such items prepared for removal will significantly speed up the loading of the removal van.

It is also important to secure a parking space for the removal company. Parking a removal van in the city centre or small busy streets (especially in London) is often a big problem for employees who come to the place indicated by the customer. A car parked already 20 meters from the apartment or staircase extends the time of the whole service by up to half an hour. That is why it is so important to organize a place for a removal van. Old chairs, buckets, a piece of links – everything we can use for this purpose. Just remember that such a removal van needs much more space than a passenger car.