Cheap and easy – this is how we transport our clients’ property in Windsor!

Superb Moves is a removal company with rich experience. We have a modern fleet of vehicles, which allows us to efficiently carry out removals of various types. Thanks to the qualified staff, the move of offices, companies and individual clients always proceed according to set deadlines and the highest professional standards.


We carry out removals in every area – both fast, cheap and comprehensive with packing and unpacking property. Professional, cheap removals are a guarantee of satisfaction. We have a full range of materials – foils, tapes, cartons, blankets, guaranteeing the total security of your belongings. We are professionals with rich, many years of experience. We offer various variants of removals in Windsor, fully adapted to the needs and expectations of our clients. Fast removals will certainly be appreciated by people looking for a cheap and proven way of transporting furniture in Windsor. The enriched proposal, including the option of packaging and unpacking, will be a solution for customers choosing comprehensive and fully professional services. We value your time, which is why all activities related to removals are always carried out in accordance with the previously discussed dates. Modern vehicles adapted to transport furniture, household appliances and electronics, and other bulky items, ensure the security of your property and avoid many unforeseen situations. By choosing a comprehensive move, or a cheap furniture transport service with our company, you can be completely calm. Your property will be taken care of by reliable and experienced employees, who will bring it to your address in a timely manner. An individual approach to each client ensures the selection of an appropriate solution that takes into account your needs and capabilities. We are convinced that moving with Superb Moves will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

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We will help you in securing and packing your property, we will provide its professional loading and unloading, as well as of course efficient and fully safe transport. Our vehicles are adapted to carry different types of equipment.


We have many years of experience and are able to undertake the most difficult tasks. We operate based on the best technical facilities and a team of qualified specialists. We operate efficiently and ensure the safety of transported items.


We provide an individual approach, comprehensive service and attractive prices of services provided. If you want to change your company’s office cheaply, quickly and comprehensively – today we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer.


With us, international removals are no problem. Our cars are adapted to carry the most diverse loads, even at very long distances. Our experience in organizing removals allows us to provide our services comprehensively and with minimal absorption of the client’s attention.


Removals are our specialty. The main area of our activity is moving homes and apartments in Windsor. The basic service that we offer to individual clients is to lift and secure customer’s property on the car, transport, unload and bring cargo to a designated place. Furniture, cartons and equipment are laid and secured on the container using special blankets and fastening belts. We also offer removal services tailored to the needs of both small and multi-person companies as well as large international corporations. We carry out, among others, offices, offices, warehouses, archives, libraries, pharmacies and doctors’ surgeries. We carry out orders consisting of lifting, securing on a car, transporting and bringing property of a company or institution, as well as comprehensive relational services, which also include selected additional services: packaging and unpacking, assembly and disassembly of furniture, additional protection with stretch foil and bubble foil, inventory company documents, loading or unloading in several places, utilization of unnecessary furniture and office equipment. Moving above all requires good planning and reflection on various aspects of transport, including formal ones. We are available to customers from the first stage, advising them when they start thinking about moving and think about its details. We offer comprehensive assistance in everything related to moving to a new flat or house, tailored to individual customer expectations – from pre-moving consultations, to delivery of moving materials, packaging, furniture security, transport, unpacking and assembly of furniture.


  • How should we pack our clothes efficiently when moving?
  • How long will the removal of my house take?
  • Is the removal quote free?
  • Does your company secure furniture when moving?
How should we pack our clothes efficiently when moving?

Clothes should be packed in large cartons, you can also use your own suitcases. As professionals, we do not recommend bags. For clothes that you have on hangers, our company uses special Wardrobe boxes. This is the perfect solution, because clothes are still in the hanging position and there is no risk of their destruction. This solution works especially with shirts, suits and dresses. Our company can rent you such boxes. We will bring them on the day of the move and if you wish, we will pack clothes and unpack them in a new place.

How long will the removal of my house take?
The duration of the move depends on the client’s requirements. We know from experience that moving is a matter of a few or a dozen hours (generally 1 day) and depends on the amount of things: the distance to the parking lot, the floor, the elevator, etc. Packing and moving is a matter of 2 days, although our company can order on one day at the client’s request. It is very rare that we need 3 days. However, these are not frequent cases.
Is the removal quote free?

Yes, the pricing of the service is completely free.

Does your company secure furniture when moving?

Our company has all the necessary things to secure furniture for transport. We have professional covers for sofas, mattresses, armchairs, tables, etc. We also have blankets that we use on other furniture for full protection. The furniture is secured against moving through the belts. This is a security-related functionality.


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