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We have a lot of successful implementations behind us, which is confirmed by the clients’ opinions. We know how to make important items safely for you in your new home. We do not repeat any competition errors. We are not afraid of challenges.


Comprehensive and professional removals of apartments and houses in Wandsworth is our specialty. Each order is different, therefore we treat each client individually. At your request, we can take care of everything completely or help you in the selected removal stage. We pack all the items, secure the furniture for the time of transport, take out of the apartment, take to the address indicated and set in the places you choose. If you want, we can even take care of unpacking and arranging them in the right way. If necessary, we dismantle and assemble the furniture. We provide all necessary materials (moving cartons, foils, protective blankets, etc.). We will take out cartons prepared by you, furniture and other items from the apartment. We will take them to the address indicated and bring them to your new home. Fast and cheap. We can tailor our services to your individual requirements. Do you want to pack your belongings yourself, and entrust us with the disassembly and protection of furniture? Maybe you have some unusual requirements? Call or write to us. Together, we will adapt the service to your individual requirements. The prices of removal services in Wandsworth depend on many factors. The most important of them are the quantity, dimensions and weight of the items being transported. Equally important is where and from where you move, from which and on the floor or in the building there are elevators.




In the case of relocating companies, our priority is to make the task with the utmost diligence in the shortest possible time. It’s important to us that the service is done at the highest level.


We know that to achieve success, you have to work consistently. That is why the quality of the services we provide is so important to us. It is thanks to her that we gain the trust of so many people.


If you want a quick and safe moving, we invite you to use our services. We guarantee a professional approach and care for transported furniture and equipment.


Our qualified team will transport the equipment of your home to the new address, and will also take care of disassembly and assembly of elements that require it.


We are a dynamic, experienced company that provides removal services for several years, whose asset is proven staff. We offer our clients solutions at the highest level, based on our many years of experience. We organize removals in Wandsworth.For most activities related to moving, we use equipment that facilitates and accelerates removal. Disassembly and assembly of furniture during removal is carried out with electric tools. Each removal van is additionally equipped with materials that protect transported furniture. We also provide very attractive prices for services – you can find information about costs on our website now. In case of any questions related to our offer and prices, we remain at your disposal – please contact us by phone or e-mail using the form on our website. Taking care of your comfort, the speed and efficiency of the removal work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition to a qualified crew, we also have modern equipment that will make the move even faster and more efficient. We use, among others, flat carts, thanks to which you can quickly transport furniture and staircases for cabinets and household appliances. All transported by us furniture are carefully secured, so that during the removal nothing will be destroyed. For this purpose, we use special belts, our removal vans are also adapted to the transport of furniture. We also have the tools necessary to disassemble and later assemble your home furnishings. We encourage you to use our services.


  • How much does it cost to make a house move?
  • How should we pack our clothes efficiently when moving?
  • How I can pay for the service?
How much does it cost to make a house move?

The price of moving depends on many factors. Mainly, what kind of services the client requires from the removal company. The best solution is to invite a company representative to view the property. This ensures that the service will be priced correctly. If the flat is small (one or two rooms), then a short telephone conversation is enough. Sometimes it is enough to look at a few photos. Our company uses these solutions and we have 100% efficiency without mistakes. There are no universal prices for moving. If a company offers fixed prices for e.g. 3 bed house, it is unprofessional and we advise you to avoid such companies. If you are looking for a professional valuation of such a service please contact us.

How should we pack our clothes efficiently when moving?

Clothes should be packed in large cartons, you can also use your own suitcases. As professionals, we do not recommend bags. For clothes that you have on hangers, our company uses special Wardrobe boxes. This is the perfect solution, because clothes are still in the hanging position and there is no risk of their destruction. This solution works especially with shirts, suits and dresses. Our company can rent you such boxes. We will bring them on the day of the move and if you wish, we will pack clothes and unpack them in a new place.

How I can pay for the service?

Superb Moves Removals accepts 3 payment methods: bank transfer, check and cash.


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