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We carry out comprehensive private removals in Dulwich – houses, apartments and apartments – starting from packing and disassembling of property, through safe transport, and ending with assembly and setting up things in a new place.


Why us? There are many reasons for this. The most important thing is that our crew likes their work, and this is the basis of well done duties. We provide comprehensive services in Dulwich and the surrounding area. Dulwich Removals doesn’t have secrets from us. We help you “painlessly” pass through the removals of companies, offices, houses, flats and other facilities. We will provide you with help in packing, which is usually a big challenge. We guarantee safe transport of furniture, as well as the transport of your valuable property to any address you specify. Our team is trained, experienced and professionally approaching the tasks, taking care of above all the efficiency and timeliness. At the same time, we do not fall into a routine. Individual approach to all projects is our priority, thanks to which we constantly satisfy our customers, who move with their belongings from place to place. We’ll pack, transport, unpack. We provide our comprehensive services not only in the UK, but also abroad. We offer our rich experience to everyone who needs our help. We professionally move companies, offices, flats, factories and any other objects. We have removal vans and equipment that enable us to safely transport all your belongings to any place in the UK and abroad. We will transport all types of equipment, machines, furniture and other items without any problems

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We know exactly how high your professional removal requirements are. We guarantee that during the removal, the furniture will not be destroyed and will reach the address indicated by you in the exact state in which they were entrusted to us.


We have professional removal vans and equipment that allow us to efficiently carry out any removal. Depending on your needs, we provide two large and one small car, as well as transport trucks, which greatly facilitate our work.


By entrusting us with the implementation of this difficult and demanding project, you can be sure that it will be carried out in accordance with your expectations. We protect your property so that it will not be damaged even during long-term transport.


We treat each move individually, adjusting the equipment and the number of people who are part of the serving team. We provide various price options that depend on the size of the order. In case of any doubts, we offer professional advice and assistance in choosing the optimal option for you.


If you are looking for an offer of comprehensive, safe and at the same time cheap removals in Dulwich, you have found a moving company with the right profile. Regardless of the length of the route, we provide attractive prices and favorable conditions for cooperation. We are characterized by conscientiousness and efficiency of action, which is effectively built by our well-coordinated team. Many years of experience and contacts established over the years allow us to carry out cheap removals not only in Dulwich. We are always on time. The offer of our removal company includes comprehensive cleaning of flats from unnecessary furniture and objects, such as unused refrigerators, washing machines or other household appliances. We also deal with cleaning premises and liquidation of cellars and attics.We treat every entrusted task with due seriousness, which is why we adapt the scope of relocation activities to the needs of our clients. Removals of flats carried out by us is a guarantee of safety of transported items. We offer a wide range of services and professional, comprehensive work organization. Because each order includes various activities related to the implementation of different customer needs, such as in the case of moving offices and companies, we also apply an individual approach in the area of home removals and furniture export. Only the quality of our services is unchanged – whether it’s typical transport of furniture, or requiring extraordinary precision and careful transport of pianos or glass – we always work at the highest level. We make every effort to return to a normal life in the shortest possible time.


  • What types of removals do you make?
  • How to place an order?
  • How long will the removal of my house take?
  • Is my presence necessary during the removal?
What types of removals do you make?

Superb Moves specializes in moving homes, offices, apartments and commercial premises. Our experienced specialists help in unpacking furniture, as well as disconnecting and connecting “White goods”. On request, a full packaging and unpacking service is also possible.

How to place an order?

If you want to order a service from Superb Moves. please contact us by phone or email. We also encourage you to fill out Free Quote Form on our website The booking process is simple and fast.

How long will the removal of my house take?

The duration of the move depends on the client’s requirements. We know from experience that moving is a matter of a few or a dozen hours (generally 1 day) and depends on the amount of things: the distance to the parking lot, the floor, the elevator, etc. Packing and moving is a matter of 2 days, although our company can order on one day at the client’s request. It is very rare that we need 3 days. However, these are not frequent cases

Is my presence necessary during the removal?

Customer presence is not required during packing service or on a day of removal. However, in this case, we will need more information about the things that remain. If there are any uncertainties, our team leader will contact the customer to ensure that everything has been completed.


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