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We have many years of experience, thanks to which we perform our work efficiently, quickly and precisely. Removal services in Streatham are provided at a high level. The offer is prepared both for individual clients and for large enterprises. We are characterized by a professional approach to each order. The priority for us is the satisfaction of our client.


If you are looking for a company that will professionally deal with the preparation and implementation of the move, we invite you to use our services! Superb Moves is a company providing a full range of removal services, both in Streatham and throughout the country. Our daily duties include carrying pianos, transporting antiques, assembling and disassembling furniture, renting professional porters and packing goods in cartons and protective foils. Removals only with us! At your disposal, we allocate a fleet of new removal vans, teams of professional porters and years of experience. Thanks to our commitment, every transport and all removals entrusted to us will take place efficiently, safely and quickly. In addition to the comprehensive removal of private premises and companies and institutions, we also provide non-standard services such as: transport of pianos, relocations of antiques, works of art and elements of scenography, transport of servers and safes, moving of typical and unusual devices – medical, printing and office, emptying flats and basements with the utilization of furniture and equipment. We invite you to read the information on our website or contact the office directly

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Hundreds of satisfied customers, very high quality of services and work ethics make our company appreciated. We are convinced that our possible cooperation will bring you benefits, and us – constant job satisfaction!


Always remembering about the customer, our company tries to meet the exorbitant requirements, wishes and all orders – from the transport of pianos and safes, to comprehensive removals of large offices and apartments.


Years of experience in the moving industry and the professionalism of our employees allow us to design the logistics process of your transport so that all elements are carried out in accordance with the set plan.


Our representative on request will come to you a few days before the planned move, sign a removal contract to protect your interests, photographed and properly catalog the goods and make a fair valuation.


You have visited our website because you are looking for a company that will help in moving and transporting furniture. Our offer is created just for you! The company’s motto precisely defines our way of working. If you need a professional service done efficiently and quickly, and at an affordable price – contact us today! Our company organizes the relocation of companies and private apartments in Streatham. These services require an individual approach, but they are always performed with equal commitment and professionalism. The carriage of company property due to important documentation, numerous electronic equipment or safes are subject to special supervision and attention. Our company specializes in this type of services. Has appropriate experience, transport facilities as well as cultural and proven staff. We service and cooperate with banks, state institutions, production plants, schools. We devote the same amount of care to personal property when moving a private flat. We precede it with a free and non-binding visit of a representative of our company who will adapt our offer to your needs, adjust the right removal van, select the number of employees and determine the estimated cost of the service


  • How should we pack our clothes efficiently when moving?
  • How long will the removal of my house take?
  • Is the removal quote free?
  • Does your company secure furniture when moving?
How should we pack our clothes efficiently when moving?

Clothes should be packed in large cartons, you can also use your own suitcases. As professionals, we do not recommend bags. For clothes that you have on hangers, our company uses special Wardrobe boxes. This is the perfect solution, because clothes are still in the hanging position and there is no risk of their destruction. This solution works especially with shirts, suits and dresses. Our company can rent you such boxes. We will bring them on the day of the move and if you wish, we will pack clothes and unpack them in a new place.

How long will the removal of my house take?

The duration of the move depends on the client’s requirements. We know from experience that moving is a matter of a few or a dozen hours (generally 1 day) and depends on the amount of things: the distance to the parking lot, the floor, the elevator, etc. Packing and moving is a matter of 2 days, although our company can order on one day at the client’s request. It is very rare that we need 3 days. However, these are not frequent cases.

Is the removal quote free?

Yes, the pricing of the service is completely free.

Does your company secure furniture when moving?

Our company has all the necessary things to secure furniture for transport. We have professional covers for sofas, mattresses, armchairs, tables, etc. We also have blankets that we use on other furniture for full protection. The furniture is secured against moving through the belts. This is a security-related functionality.


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