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We have been providing professional removal services for companies and individuals for years, ensuring the highest quality of our services and the satisfaction of thousands of customers every day. Invariably – with pleasure!

Removals putney

Our company has many years of experience in moving private apartments and houses. We offer both intercity removals and removals within one city. We know how to safely transport items that are important to you and make the removal process as stress free as possible. We carefully protect furniture and home electronics / home appliances so that you can be sure that nothing will be damaged during transport in Putney. As part of our services, we also carry musical instruments – even those with large dimensions, such as a piano or a piano. At the clients’ request, we also offer domestic removals with packaging of the property entrusted to us. We also deal with company relocations. Moving the company and changing the location is a very important moment for the company. It involves many changes and difficulties. Thanks to many years of experience gained during the implementation of the children of company removals – we know what to look for and how to plan the service so that it would not disturb the normal functioning of the office. As part of international removals, apart from the transport itself, we offer assistance in preparing the documentation necessary for moving to the territory of another country – waybills, authorizations or documents that enable exemption from customs and tax payments. We transport furniture, electronic equipment, audio / video devices, musical instruments (including large-size ones, such as a grand piano) as well as works of art and antiques. For your safety, all items are carefully secured with the help of the best quality materials.

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Free quote and preparation of the offer. Delivery of packaging materials. Insurance of entrusted property.


Loading and securing property. Transportation of small and bulky items. Storage of property. Professional dealer care.


Protection of rooms. Packaging of property. Disassembly of furniture with transport protection. Disconnection of electronic equipment.


Furniture assembly. Connection of electronic equipment. Removal of materials after moving. Cleaning and utilization.

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Removals in Putney can be exhausting. Regardless of whether you leave your family home or change your accommodation to a larger one – we will help you write a new chapter in your life and make you return to your thoughts with pleasure. The satisfaction that we want to provide you is measured by the smile of our existing customers. The range of Superb Moves services includes a range of activities that ensure comprehensive customer service from A to Z – from packaging, through transport, to unpacking property in a new location. We accompany you at every moment of the move in Putney, serving you with support and assistance at every stage of the service. We offer help when moving within the country and abroad, and our offer is addressed to both private persons and companies. The scope of services includes the provision of appropriate packaging materials or packaging by our team, loading and professional securing of transported items, and after transport, bringing goods and unloading them. Each move has its own specificity, which is why we are flexible and adapt to the needs and wishes of our clients to best accomplish the task ordered. We adequately secure luggage and communication lines to give you 100% confidence that nothing will be damaged. If there is such a need, we dismantle and assemble furniture and install electronic equipment. The scope of each service includes the insurance of property entrusted to us, cleaning the workplace and the disposal of unnecessary items, and the after-move service. If some items are not useful in the new location, we can offer storage of property in 24/7 protected, specially adapted warehouses.


The price of moving depends on many factors. Mainly, what kind of services the client requires from the removal company. The best solution is to invite a company representative to view the property. This ensures that the service will be priced correctly. If the flat is small (one or two rooms), then a short telephone conversation is enough. Sometimes it is enough to look at a few photos. Our company uses these solutions and we have 100% efficiency without mistakes. There are no universal prices for moving. If a company offers fixed prices for e.g. 3 bed house, it is unprofessional and we advise you to avoid such companies. If you are looking for a professional valuation of such a service please contact us.
If you want to order a service from Superb Moves. please contact us by phone or email. We also encourage you to fill out Free Quote Form on our website The booking process is simple and fast.
Superb Moves has high quality packaging materials necessary for professional packaging and securing of transported items. We will deliver with pleasure packing materials before moving.
We understand that some customers prefer moving during the weekend, so we can help you move on Sunday or Bank holiday. If such a need occurs, we are also available at night.